Cockroach Control

Their are many Chemicals and gel come to control them Basically in Kitchen. Gel is formulated for rapid controlling of roaches. Gel baits are internationally accepted as the most effective and convenient way .Whereas the traditional sprays kill the visible cockroaches but may conceal an underlying problem, gel baits are carried back to the main cockroach control population. Highlights of Gel Treatment for Cockroach Control: We Provide Smell Less Treatment There is no need to clear the area or even cover food. Hassle free and Safe.

You can stay at Premises during the treatment. This treatment can be carried out anytime of the day. There is nothing to move from the kitchen. Long lasting effect. B I G I C O Technicians understand the habits of each of the common Pest Cockroach species. B I G I C O also uses a range of powerful insecticides to eradicate Cockroach infestations at Premises and provides the reassurance that your Cockroach problem will be fully and satisfactory dealt with.

B I G I C O offers a call-out service to deal with Cockroach problems and other pest infestations in the Premises. Our service is fast, effective and offers the highest level of safety for your family and pets.

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